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5 Steps to Developing an Android Application

App Development – Android

An Android application is a software program that runs on smartphones, tablets and the web as a PWA, (progressive web app.) Using our simple and intuitive app building interface you can quickly create an app you can be proud of.

AppForge’s free IDE

AppForge is a free online development environment that makes it easy to build apps for Android devices. You can use AppForge to build your app using our large selection of pre-made plugins which you can find in the Marketplace; test your app; preview it on different devices; share a preview with others and finally publish it directly to Google Play and the Apple Store.

android app development

The steps for creating your own app for Android are:-

Step 1

Sign Up for a free account

To sign up for a free account and to see the available templates visit the signup page

app development android

Step 2

Choose a template for your new project

To start developing with AppForge simply do the following:

Look through the available templates. There are a variety of templates available for the most popular categories, covering Education, Social groups, Individuals, Radio, Podcasts, e-Commerce and Religion, to name a few.

The Foodie template shown here is a great example of the kind of eye catching app you can develop using AppForge’s no code interface. All of our templates are totally customisable. You can change the branding, colour pallette, Font styles and a whole lot more. All without knowing a line of code.

android app development

Step 3

When you have decided

When you have decided which template suits the type of app you want to build, click on “Start with this Template” which you can find above the template image.

Step 4

Complete the short sign up form

In order to create your free account simply complete the short sign up form. Once completed you will then be taken to your app admin area where you can continue your app development android or iOS.

android app development

Step 5

Use your creativity to build an App

Now it’s time to get creative! Use yur chosen template as a base to create something great for your business or personal life.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on 0800 999 110 or complete a contact form.


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