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AppForge.UK is helping the world is go mobile. Instantly reach and engage with your customers!

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View your app progress in real time with our live interactive share feature.

Explore your app as it is being built. Run continuous testing on a live version of the app as it is being developed.

Easily Add Powerful Functionality To Your App

sdk custom features

Develop Custom Features For Your App With The App Forge SDK

If you need any custom functionality for your app, the AppForge SDK empowers you to create robust functionality with an entirely serverless architecture. Get Started or get in touch with our team to have us build what you need.

App Share

We provide you with a live view of your app so that you can test, and feed back any changes to the developers.

Work Across Platforms

Publish your app to multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Tablets and PWA (progressive web app.)

Increase Business Sales

With in app purchases you can leverage your app to create multiple income streams.

Boost Productivity

Use your app to focus your employees on the correct procedures, and training guides.

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We provide you with a professional design & development solution for your very own, fully customised app for your business.

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We will work with you to make sure you get the app you want and the app you need to help your business grow.

We worked with a local group to set up their social meet up app ‘Shrewsbury Social Scene’.

The app features a front facing public side and a backend admin section. It shows live events and takes payment directly through the app. 

The app also includes a lot of other features. Why not take a look at the web app version. (click on the arrow below)

shrewsbury social scene app home screen

Examplar Templates

office desk

Proven Technology

Flutter & Dart powers countless apps in the marketplace today. The technology is being constantly updated and you can count on us to provide solutions which will add real value to your business.

Apps for any Business

Our platform is robust and can handle the needs for almost any organisation. Let’s talk today and see how we can help you achieve your mobile needs.

What our customers say

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

This app has been HUGE in helping me grow my business and connecting with my customers through push notifications.

There is nothing better than being able to connect instantly with all of our fans. Loving this app!

The AppForge support team are great. They helped me from concept through to publishing on the Apple and Android platforms.


Got questions? We have the answers to your most frequently asked questions below. If you have others please get in contact using the form below.

We have built multiple apps for Android and iOS devices for local businesses.

Our mission is to empower businesses to provide a high quality app experience for their audience.

This is a question we get asked a lot!

Unfortunately there isn’t a ‘one price fits all answer”. It’s much like asking how much does a car cost? It all depends on the type and scope of the app you are looking to develop. If all of the required features are readily available straight out of the box, then it is arguably the most cost effective way to create an app.

Even if we don’t have every single bit of functionality on the shelf, we typically have the majority of functionality you need, and it will still be cheaper to build with us vs building your app from scratch.

Yes you can. We understand that building an app can be an expensive endeavour, especially for smaller independent businesses.

We are open to letting you spread the cost of your app across an agreed timescale. The repayment terms we offer are:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months, and in some cases
  • 24 months

We do however ask for a 25% up-front deposit which covers our initial costs.

Our feature allows you and your team to explore the app in real time throughout the developemnt life cycle. It can be viewed on any mobile device or destkop computer screen. It gives you a real time view of your app as we are building it. 

When you are happy we publish your app to the relevant platforms, whether that is the Apple Store, Android Play Store or as a web based app, (PWA.) 

Once your app is live you can still ask us to make changes if you have opted for a maintenance contract. If you have included an admin section then you can make changes, add or remove content or users whenever you want, directly in the app.

If you have a need  we can set up the app to handle push notifications. This is a great way to connect with your customers or audience. You can set up and schedule your push notifications directly through the app or have them set to trigger on certain events such as on sign-up or payments. You can push out to all your users or to different segments, such a students or parents. These notifications appear directly in the app or the device home screen.

If you decide that you no longer require your app then we can simply remove it from the Apple and Android platforms. This can either be a permanent or temporary removal. 


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